Sub-task 2

TitleDevelopment of OpenBIM based Architectural Design Code Checking and Evaluation Technology
GoalsBIM application regulations 85% Automated technology, BIM application system for SEUMTER, cooperation and building performance innovation technology

2세부, 개방형BIM 기반의 건축설계 적법성 평가 자동화 기술 및 응용기술 개발
Task titles 2017~2021 Institution
1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year
2-A. Development of design quality assessment technology and certification system based on openBIM Kyunghee Univ.
A-1 Expanded automatic review system of open BIM-based building regulations
A-2 Expansion of open BIM quality verification and certification management system through BIM Quality Center
A-3 Expansion of BIM data evaluation indicators by sector/useage/step
A-4 Expanding automation technology for reviewing and regulations by diversification of legitimate diagnostic building types
A-5 Automatic BIM object recognition technology for machine learning based design review
A-6 Analysis and improvement of development software UX for usability maximize
A-7 Automation technology for architectural design quality evaluation for SEUMTER
A-8 BIM-based design constructability evaluation technology
A-9 BIM-based pre-evaluation technology for building safety and defect improvement
A-10 Space and equipment layout optimization technology to improve building design quality
A-11 Expansion of energy performance evaluation system and technology based on integrated BIM model
A-12 Early decision support model
A-13 Selection of test project target and maintenance of test operation support system
2-B. Expansion Development of Regulation Logical Rules DB and Rule Checking Automation Module Yonsei Univ.
B-1 Intelligent BIM-based legislation regulation DB extension and intelligent application system
B-2 OpenBIM-based expansion of automation system and module for rule review by field/useage/step
2-C. Development of architectural design quality automatic evaluation for SEUMTER Installation technology Solideo Systems
C-1 Automation technology for evaluating building design quality for existing SEUMTER
2-D. Development of BIM based building design quality evaluation and performance checking technology COSPEC Innolab
D-1 BIM-based design integration ROI / IRR review technology
D-2 BIM data design visual analysis interface technology
D-3 Automatic generation of design alternatives based on laws and performance standards
2-E. Development of design Smart Work System for integrated utilization of permission Kwangwoon Univ.
E-1 BIM-based Smart Work System Expansion
E-2 BIM-based public administration service support and standard system
2-F. Smart Work necessary technology for building code compliance checking based on BIM BIMPeers
F-1 BIM-based building regulations automatic review smart work element technology
F-2 BIM based smart work data interworking technology
2-G. Development of decision support system and application technology based on openBIM Kyungpook Univ.
G-1 BIM-based design review multi-dimensional visualization convergence technology
2-H. Multi-Dimensional Convergence IT Necessary Technology for Building Design Quality Improvement GS E&C
H-1 Multi-Dimensional Convergence IT Necessary Technology for Building Design Quality Improvement